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Three Part FREE Training Series Unveiling The Super Team’s Blueprint To Beat The Odds!

Master the Short Term Rental Landscape: Free Training SERIES with the STR Super Team!

Wondering who the Super Team is? We’re a league of seasoned experts dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and strategies required to master every facet of the short-term rental game. From snagging the ideal properties to optimizing your marketing, taxes, and legal angles, we’re here to equip you for success.

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Are you ready to redefine your approach and excel in the STR market, even amidst today's challenges?

Here's a sneak peek of what's in store for you in our upcoming FREE TRAINING SERIES:

September 6th at 9pm EDT

Unveiling The Super Team’s Blueprint To Beat The Odds!

🏡 How To Buy In Today’s Economy: Our Super Team is ready to reveal proven strategies to help you snap up profitable properties even in the complex real estate climate. It’s all about making savvy investments that set the stage for long-term gains.


🌟 How To Be Successful In Today’s Economy: Success isn’t a mystery – it’s a series of strategic moves. Uncover the mindset shifts and actionable steps that propel you to the forefront of the industry. Whether you’re new to this or a seasoned pro, these insights will propel you to unparalleled heights.


💰 How To Profit In Today’s Economy: Let’s dive into the numbers! Our experts will dissect the techniques that elevate ordinary returns to extraordinary profits. From maximizing occupancy rates to mastering pricing, you’ll unlock the secrets to an Airbnb income beyond your wildest imagination.


🗣️ Joe Rohne’s Testimonial: But don’t just take our word for it – listen to Joe Rohne, an ecstatic member of our community, as he shares how the Super Team’s guidance transformed his Airbnb endeavors. Joe’s journey is an inspiring testament to the game-changing value you’re about to access.

September 14th at 9pm EDT

Unlock the Secrets of Super Properties with the STR Super Team!

🏡 Take Your Property From Average To Super In Profits: We’re not holding back any punches. Our Super Team’s playbook reveals how to transform your listings into profit powerhouses. Prepare to unlock every potential income stream and maximize returns like never before.


💰 Super Team Secrets To Building Wealth: We know wealth isn’t made overnight, but it can be strategically built. Our experts hold the key to consistent wealth generation and are ready to hand it to you. Get ready to master smart investments, craft winning wealth-building strategies, and safeguard your financial future.


🌟 Super Charged Pricing Strategies To Accelerate Success: Your pricing strategy can make or break your success. Our Super Team’s pricing experts have mastered the art of driving bookings and amplifying earnings. Say hello to a revenue boost that’ll make your income stream unstoppable.


🗣️ Jackie’s Testimonial: Ever wondered what it’s like to transform your STR journey? Jackie, a cherished member of our community, is ready to share her transformational experience with the Super Team. Her story speaks volumes about the impact these strategies can have on your life and earnings.

September 20th at 9pm EDT

The STR Super Team Secrets To Take Action And Thrive!

🏡Life Plan To Success: It’s not just about the properties you own; it’s about the life you envision. Our Super Team’s experts will guide you in crafting a life plan that aligns your goals with your passions, ensuring every success you achieve is meaningful and fulfilling for you and your family!

💰Wealth Building & Preservation Strategies: Building wealth isn’t a sprint; it’s a strategic marathon. Learn the art of accumulating wealth through intelligent investments, strategic planning, and proven preservation tactics that ensure your financial stability for years to come. We’re unveiling the secret strategies that pave the way to consistent wealth generation. Prepare to preserve and grow your financial success.

🌟 Your Success Story: You’re not just a participant – you’re the hero of your journey. Having a plan is one thing; taking action and establishing a step-by-step framework for success is another. The STR Super Team will reveal the framework that will provide opportunities for success you never thought possible.

🗣️Evan’s Testimonial: Evan’s inspirational journey is a testament to his fantastic mindset and the transformative power of the Super Team’s guidance. He’s not just a member of our community; he’s a shining example of the results you can achieve with the right strategies. Let his experience inspire and motivate you to architect your short-term rental success journey.

Join Our FREE SERIES Training with the STR Super Team!

Don’t miss out on the chance to supercharge your STR journey! Save your seat for the FREE training series with the STR Super Team. Block out your calendar for the training dates – it’s an opportunity you can’t afford to overlook.

Meet The Super Team


Bill Faeth

Founder of Build STR Wealth, and avid investor with 25+ years of experience.

Kenny Bedwell

Founder of STR Insights, a research analytics tool that helps keep investors ahead of the game.


CEO/Founder of The Short Term Shop, and author of Short-Term Rental, Long-Term Wealth


Founder of STR Law Guys, and awarded “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” by National Trial Lawyers.

Jon Hodge

Founding partner of Rivan Capital, LP and Rivan Management Group with 10 years of experience.


Certified Real Estate and Investment Management CPA, specializing in STRs.


Professional photographer, videographer & marketer specializing in real estate.

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